The aim of the Bury Schools Partnership is to ensure that children are given the best possible education. That’s why we’re proud and excited to be working together as a team of schools to move to a more universally recognised, two-tier education system.

Schools have been working together for as long as we can remember, but the two-tier transition planning between headteachers, students and community stakeholders has intensified and our partnership is strengthening all the time.

We know that you will want to know that every decision made is in the best interests of the children. That’s why we are busy working on initiatives to further energise ¬†connections between schools and that put children at the heart of future changes.

Preparations for the new school are well underway, and we expect this exciting new venture to bring a fresh feel to the area while upholding all the traditions of excellent schooling in Bury St Edmunds.

Transition work between schools is ongoing, and during the year 2014 to 2015, over 1000 plus children benefited from exciting joint activities between schools and community partners.

We have listened

Facilities and professional training programmes have never been better funded. We have listened to our community, other schools and of course, our own highly qualified staff to address the questions often raises by parents. Examples include:

  • Refining and implementing a curriculum and assessment system that is second to none
  • Improving high school teachers’ understanding of how to look after the needs of younger children
  • Primary schools taking a different approach to Year 5 and 6 – giving them more responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • Making changes to the high school infrastructure, without disrupting existing students
  • Stepping up transition activities so that our very first high school Year 7s are excited and feeling valued
  • Increasing leadership opportunities and reviewing and implementing new rewards systems
  • Ensuring information about catchment areas is as clear as possible
  • Providing a high-quality enrichment programme with something for everyone

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