Formal partnerships and strong Governance will enable us to secure a long future of the highest quality education for all.

Drawing together a great deal of expertise from schools, businesses and other organisations, we aim to develop fit-for-purpose governance, which informs, supports and holds the partnership accountable.

During the SOR changes, many school Governing Bodies are focusing even more intensively on their strategic school priorities, while balancing the needs of the partnership. Increasingly, the emphasis on reviewing and developing Governance structure and terms of reference will intensify. Formalising partnerships across the area will bring further benefits such as providing a mechanism to pool finance, raise funds and reduce bureaucracy through joint policy. Each school has their governing body, and our ethos is such that schools can retain their unique character and accountability while benefiting from the opportunities the partnership has to offer.

Formal partnerships will also help to develop our culture of consultation and communication, and to implement cutting edge systems to enable efficient sharing of resources. Primary schools are fully engaged in discussions with parents and governors to ensure they are on track and steering in the right direction, as well as picking up valuable insights and ideas from local businesses and organisations.

In essence, the changes are putting the spotlight on Governance and accountability and helping us to review and develop opportunities for clear and transparent governance long into the future.

As one of the largest and most innovative education partnerships in the country, we are sure that the blend of expertise and knowledge in our communities cannot easily be replicated.

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