Working now for a better future

The ‘Bury Schools Partnership Offer’ unlocks tremendous opportunities for parents, teachers and of course, most importantly, for the young people of St Edmundsbury.

That’s why we are making professional development, planning and logistics such a high priority. We hope you will join us in looking forward to a very exciting future.

Planning for an exciting new future

Like us, you will no doubt want to know that the absolute focus is on the children. We are immersed in an ongoing, strategic programme of development for our teachers and support staff.

Discussions with parents and students are also crucial – in fact, this transition phase has intensified our parental engagement and student voice and given us more insight than ever before.

Funding for Professional Development

The Local Authority is financing a number of initiatives having learnt from many previous phases of SOR.

  • Primary curriculum development group
  • Visits to successful two-tier schools
  • Student leadership programmes
  • New website
  • Professional development courses (CPD)
  • Headteacher conference
  • Logistics and resources
  • Buildings and premises
  • School visits and workshops for secondary teachers to better understand the needs of Year 7 and eight pupils
  • Implementation of a new National Curriculum
  • Ensuring the right level of challenge for all children
  • Enrichment activities
  • Sports development – competitions, festivals and curriculum enhancement

Also, secondary school planning groups are focusing on things like

  • Year 7 and 8 curriculum development and transition from Year 6
  • Teaching techniques for younger students
  • Integration of the younger age groups with older children
  • Resources to suit younger children
  • Preparing for a larger than usual intake in September 2016


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