Professional Development that prepares our schools for a new future.

Training days, twilight sessions, observations, joint meetings are just some of the activities taking place to prepare teachers and support staff for the change to two-tier.

  • Training is diverse and relevant to individual school and staff needs, with particular focus on:
  • Preparing teachers in high schools for working with younger children
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • New National Curriculum for Primary Schools
  • Training needs of new teachers entering a two-tier system
  • Learning from other schools
  • Leadership skills and enrichment
  • Ethos in high schools – preparing older students to lead and nurture younger students

To achieve this, we have been meeting regularly and planning thoroughly. Strong performance management measures are already in place which essentially provide a means of ensuring accountability and reflection on teaching and learning methods, systems and future planning.

Our aim will be to show parents that the best teachers working in our current system have received extensive professional development ready for two-tier education.

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